What Data to Mask using Data Masking?

The most frequent misconception on the subject of data masking is the thought that “our data is not appropriate for anonymization as many test databases require the original data. The real information might be necessary for single database – however, it is improbable to be needed in each test database.

  • Employ a Range of Data Masking Techniques: A logical procedure is to have a range of masking methods for varying objectives.These masking methods will be adjusted to the level of data exposure and the extent of regulations maintained.
  • Light Masking on a Fire-Fighting or Bug-Fix Database: One of the main problems related with data masking is that the course of action of masking can “tidy up” the data at times. To facilitate effectiveness, a Fire-Fighting or Bug-Fix database requires having as fewer adjustments as possible. On the other hand, various items can be masked securely – despite the fact that they are in a Bug-Fix database. Credit card numbers or bank account, lest they are used as join keys, can be masked to give some security. In most cases, any obfuscated data which is barely significant to an outside organization is capable of masking in these conditions.
  • Medium Masking on Databases used by Internal Development: Databases that are employed by internal development, trial and training workforce and have no exposure out of the organization may be given a medium degree of masking. On the whole, it is inappropriate to presume that everyone having test database’s access also has access to the production database as well and there is not any necessity to mask the data. Masking the typical personally identifiable data in these databases and the confidential information is sufficient, for instance- bank account numbers.
  • Systematic Masking on the Databases that are outsourced: If the test and development database’s operation management will be entrusted to a third party, then a well-founded subject for a throughout content anonymization can be made. A database operating off-site to an outsourced development organization may have a very detailed masking enforced, and only the actual data that is essential to allow the remote staff to execute their task would be there.

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