Ways to Prevent Data Breaches

The terms security breach and data breach are used reciprocally to describe a security breach in which sensitive, protected or confidential data is copied, transmitted, viewed, taken or used by an individual unauthorized to do so.

Data breaches have become a status quo considering how attackers keep finding paths to penetrate networks and steal confidential information. The security industry has seen not just aimed attacks at these organizations but also there is this theme around the nation-state-sponsored hackers because they are generally resourced the best, and their collective motivations run across the spectrum. While the security breach attack on one end continues, investments are pouring into security technologies on the other end and it’s clearly not enough.

Here are some ways to Prevent Data Breaches
Laptop theft is the main cause of data breaches. However, there are only four states that require disclosure if that data is not encrypted. Having a good encryption policy that you can enforce on employee laptops is key.

Content Filtering
There are so many breaches that occur through drive-by downloads — hateful or compromised Web sites that can exploit your machine simply by accessing a Web site. Being able to block where insiders go is key to a good security policy.

Deploy Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Intrusion detection and prevention should be practiced for all mission-critical systems and systems that are available via the Internet, such as, e-mail systems, Web servers, servers that house customer or employee data, active directory server, or other systems that are deemed mission critical.

Many breaches are caused by the theft or loss of data backup tapes. A remote data backup service allows the company to use the Internet to back up safely and effectively without ever using tapes that can be lost or stolen.

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