Various Situations in which You can use Oracle Database Firewall!

Oracle Firewall is a real-time database firewall solution for all. Unlike traditional SQL firewall, it delivers smart database firewall security, enabling policies to be set and used easily and efficiently. It is independent of the database configuration and operation. Due to this reason, it helps in reducing the risk of data loss and managing the ever coming changes in regulations.


It offers black list, white list and exception list policies, intelligent and accurate alerts as well as monitoring with minimal management and administrative costs. A firm can deploy firewall as a database policy enforcement system to safeguard its database assets or monitor those database activities, even in blocking mode.

Oracle Database Firewall is so potent that it can monitor more than one database at a time. It can be deployed in various situations:

  • Proxy blocking and monitoring mode: Proxy enables you to configure the application traffic that has to be sent immediately to the Oracle Database Firewall port where lies the SQL traffic and monitor everything before forwarding it to the database. Or block in case something is wrong.
  • In-line networking blocking mode and out-of-band passive network monitoring: In-line means the SQL traffic is passed via the Oracle Database Firewall and examined before it is forwarded to the database or obstructed. Out-of-band means that a replica of the SQL traffic is made in Oracle Database Firewall while sending SQL to that database directly through a span port at the same moment. These can be practiced from various databases at the same time.
  • Heterogeneous, multi-database, enforcement: A single database can help Oracle Database 10g, Oracle 11g databases as well as Oracle 8i. Not just limited to this, it also supports SQL Server and Sybase databases.
  • Combined deployment: You can even use In-line and Out-of-band Oracle Database Firewall together with a local server-side for deployment and monitoring for local connections.

Oracle Database Firewall serves with light-weight host-based monitoring or tools that are used to do so. The host monitor transmits the sensitive information to the Oracle Database Firewall for monitoring, alerting, and logging purposes. Oracle Database Firewall is not limited to this; there’s much more.

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