Unavoidable Tips to Protect Your Data from SQL Injection Attacks!

Security is the most important characteristic of any system. In fact, providing secure experience is one of the main goals of promoting your business and gaining more influence among customers.
Though the majority of the sensitive data is stored in databases, least efforts are made in concern with Database security. SQL Injection attacks are getting successful just because we focus negligible on the database security.

What is SQL injection?
An SQL injection attack is nothing but a form of attack on the security of the database where it tries to run malicious code on the database so as to steal the sensitive information.

Types of SQL Injection attacks:
There is basically two type of SQL injection that affects the database:
First Order Attack: In this case, the intruder attaches malicious strings to an input field and enters into the database.
Second Order Attack: In this case, attackers enters into the database with the process of insertion of a malicious query in a table to be executed later from another activity.

Why are SQL Injection attacks so effective?
With shorter project timelines, the novice developers don’t have much time to research on the security applications of using dynamic SQL.
Also, with the rapid increase in technology and development, the competition is raised to this extent that developers do not even think of any maintenance.

Follow the following tips to prevent SQL injection:
 Implement effective server-side validation for all user inputs including cookie values.
 Use store procedures whenever possible.
 Escape or filter the special characters in user inputs.
 Avoid using exec command in SQL Server.
 Use parameterized queries or ORM.
 Avoid building SQL statements either in a class file or inside a procedure.
 Use low-privileged account to execute queries.
 Configure generic error page for the application and don’t display error information to the user.
 Avoid using an account to connect database from the application.
 Discover all possible exceptions, implement global exception handler.

As the threats are also increasing along with the improvement in technology, better to increase the security as well. You can opt for various online sites that provide the service of security support to your database.

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