Top Data Protection Tools

Basic Security and Encryption techniques are not enough to protect the data when it’s in transit, and protecting data when it is at rest is more often a procedure of managing access. You may be already providing the archival storage service, but adding theft prevention to the data can be an important differentiator. The following tools signify some of the best ways to add this potential to your storage offering:

  • FalconStor Continuous Data Protector
    It is a data recovery technique presented as a software application, appliance or virtual appliance. It delivers real-time data backup and recovery across the network. Though it is intended for enterprises that need to securely back up data both within the data center and between the data center, but it also lets you to offer backup solutions to enterprises that are built on your own storage facilities.
  • McAfee Data Loss Prevention
    It is an application that protects sensitive data leakage from enterprise networks and storage environments. This solution is designed to allow enterprises to prevent leakage. It also provides a base for theft prevention for the solution providers. It is supported by a well-developed channel and is simple to implement.
  • PKWare PartnerLink
    It is a software solution that is ideal for channel partners who offer archival storage and want to set up trusted linkages to client data centers. The data is encrypted and compressed to guard it against interception or compromise. It is implemented as a gateway application and requires a complete licensed implementation on the archival storage system. PartnerLink is easy to use and it is a cost-effective way to prevent data in transit.
  • Websense’s Content Protection Suite
    It provides plenty of tools as well as an online service that can be mixed with your storage offerings to secure access and prevent corruption of enterprise data. The advantage of these applications is that they scale from very small applications to extremely large ones. This gives you the dormant to address the needs of SMBs as well as enterprises and provides a logical evolving path for services that can range from basic off-site management to on-site management.

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