Tips to Keep Your Database Secure

In the present competitive world, the hackers are keener to steal the secret information of a company and sell it in the market to earn money. You might not have imagined in what all ways your data can be hacked and disclosed in front of others. In such situation, you have to focus both on coming up with new ideas as well as securing your present data so as to remain in the market. Here are some of the ways to keep your data safe:


  • Maintain the database at a different place from the Web Server: We usually keep the database on the server where you have introduced the application. This not only makes data access easy for us but for the data attackers as well. They just have to crack the administrator account, and the data is available to them. So, for the security purpose, you must keep the database on database server which you keep behind a firewall, and not on the Web server.
  • Go for Encryption methods: It is a great technique to protect the data as nobody would be able to read your private information even if one gets access to it. We often store the information regarding the database in a plain text. And this is what the hackers take advantage of. So, make sure you encrypt the stored files and the backups too.
  • Employ a WAF (Web Application Firewall): A Firewall prevents SQL injection attacks as well as protects a website against cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. It keeps the sensitive data secure by averting SQL injection queries.
  • Stay away from 3rd party apps: Try to use the 3rd party apps as less as you can. It’s true that these apps enhance the look of your website, but are a potential threat to your database.
  • Avoid the use of a Shared Server: Using a server in sharing is like giving others a pathway to get your secured information. So, do not compromise with your data by sharing your server. In case, you have to share your server, make sure that you have gone through their security policies and monitored their responsibilities and rights.
  • Adopt the Security Controls: It is beneficial to enable the security controls on your database to maintain the data protection. Keep the privilege of data access with main, trusted people only. Do not share the information with all the employees; otherwise, they might misuse their privileges to destroy you.

As you are now aware with some of the ways to secure your database, utilize these points in your working with Database. Protect your database and your business reputation!

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