Recent SQL Injection Trends

SQL injection attacks, in which malevolent SQL statements are injected into an entry field for implementation, are the most widespread attack vectors around the world. SQL injections take advantage of data security susceptibilities in an application’s software and can be employed to attack any SQL database.

In the recent years, Check Point has created several adjusted SQL injection protections for our IPS software blade. By evaluating the traffic that activated these safeguards in networks supervised by Check Point’s Managed Security Service, we can see the recent trends and outlines in SQL injection attacks.

SQL injection in the course of advertisements

This attack point forces the attacked server to moderate advertisements. The Check Point IPS security “SQL Servers MySQL Vendor-specific SQL Injection” found HTTP requests in identified traffic that enclosed the sequence “where can you buy the abortion pill.”

Latest Patterns of SQL injection

The following is a scrutiny of recognized techniques of attack used in the most recent attempts:

  • Information schema procedure- In this method the attacker approaches a selective element of the database that includes data on additional components of the database. This way the attacker has access to added private information. Though it’s very apparent to witness that this vector includes an intricate SQL query attempt, the most doubtful technique is an application for the “information schema.” It is the information database, the set that stores data concerning all the additional databases that are maintained by MySQL server. Moreover, the attacker attempts to ingress the COLUMNS table, which gives data concerning columns in tables. As a result, this query also tries to influence information present in the database without even speculating the table names.
  • Multiple techniques in a single request– It refers to the aggregation of several techniques of SQL injection in a single try, to boost the likelihood that one of them will be successful.

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