Overview of Cyber Attacks or Threats

A cyber attack is an attack on your digital systems arising from malicious acts of an unknown source. Cyber attack allows for illegal access to your digital device while gaining access or control of your digital device.

A different types of cyber attacks can be defined as an abusive tactic to gain an unauthorized control or access to your digital device, called the target system, started by a person or a computer against a website, computer system or a particular digital device as well as a whole, which acts a severe warning to computer systems, data stored, financial structures and the entire network itself. Cyber attacks work towards compromising the integrity of the digital device and the information stored in it.


Here is a overview of some Cyber attacks or Threats:
Backdoors – Backdoor is a kind of cyber threat in which the attacker uses a back door to install a keylogging software, thereby allowing an illegal access to your system. This threat can turn out to be possibly severe as it allows for modification of the files, stealing information, installing undesired software or even taking control of the entire computer.

Spoofing – Spoofing is another type of cyber attack where an individual or a program represent another by creating fake data to gain illegal access to a system. Such threats are commonly found in emails where the sender’s address is spoofed.

Bots – Bots is a type of software application that runs mechanized tasks which are simple and constant in nature. Bots may or may not be malicious, but they are usually found to initiate a DoS attack or a click scam while using the internet.

Tampering – Tampering is a web-based attack where certain parameters in the URL are changed without the consumer’s knowledge; and when the customer keys in that URL, it looks and appears the same. Tampering is done by hackers and criminals to steal the identity and obtain illegal access to information.

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