Moderating the Potential Security Breaches

Any organization is a potential target of a cyber attack, and the point that is worth remembering is that the people are the weakest link in any probable data security breach. It is necessary to spread awareness about the importance of data security among your staff and clients. Make sure that your systems cause to undergo severe inspection by your internal IT panel and, where appropriate, third parties. In a world where we expect immediate communication, it’s easy to take email lightly, but there is no justification when it is about data security.

Keeping in the front line of technological developments in the industry, and reviewing your systems and practices on a regular basis will aid in reassuring your clients of your current investment in data security.

  • Note down an audit planThe most crucial job of an auditor is to establish an operational budget, realize the potentials of the employees appointed to the project and the time required to educate the audit team. An audit plan gives details of your objectives and must incorporate an understanding of the business, the probable audit risks, and an essential outline for how the assets are to be assigned and how the actions are to be executed.
  • Apply appropriate security measures- Data suppliers and processors are allowed to reveal that they have employed suitable measures for data protection. Outsourced suppliers should make sure that their systems undergo frequent external security tests. It will keep a check on things like- whether or not you are storing more data than you require, how dissimilar systems and databases intersect, and how the information is being used.
  • Internal Security- Make sure your IT staff is scanning your computer systems and network for viruses on a frequent basis. Many security breaches are considered to be caused by keystroke viruses which lie inactive in your operating system. There should be a policy prepared for cleaning media such as- disks, etc. before they are exploited or discarded.  And redundant IT tools that could include information should be discarded securely.

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