Logical and Physical Data Security

Protecting stored information inculpates thwarting unauthorized users from accessing it and also averting unintentional or intentional damage, infection or sleaze of data. Whereas data encryption is a popular subject, it is only one of several methods and expertise that can be utilized to execute a tiered data-security approach. Steps to protect information entail understanding consistent threats, aligning suitable security layers and continuous scrutiny of activity logs taking action as required.


Execute a tiered data security and protection model together with different perimeter rings of security to offset consistent security threats. Multiple layered securities can segregate and guard information must one of the security perimeters be negotiated from internal or external threats.

Incorporate both logical (authentication, authorization, encryption, and passwords) and physical (restricted access and locks on the server, storage, and networking cabinets) security. Optimistically, the closets in your facility for cleaning personal and their tools are independent of where you maintain your storage and networking cabling and devices.

Logical security includes protecting your networks with firewalls, operating antispyware and virus-detection programs on servers and network-addressed storage systems. No storage security policy would be integrated without ensuring that databases, applications, file systems and server operating systems are protected to thwart unauthorized or troublesome access to your saved information. Execute storage system based volume or logical unit number mapping and masking as the last line of security for your protected information.

Talking about physical security and access controls, modify your key-code or door-lock arrangements on a regular basis, notifying only those who require access. You may be astounded who stops by to ask for the access to the arrangement or password for something that you did know that they initially had access. Some storage and networking devices will assist you to alter management passwords at preliminary installation.

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