Famous Myths about Encryption

How can you stop others from accessing your private data? There are several ways, but encryption is the best! Strong encryption can protect your data very efficiently. Encryption does nothing but locks the data with a key so that only the desired person can unlock it. It is mainly of two types: Symmetric encryption and Public-key encryption.

In the case of symmetric encryption, the key is same for both locking and unlocking. Whereas in the case of public-key encryption, the key to the lock is different from the one used to unlock the data. While using symmetric encryption, the two parties share the secret key before itself so as to keep the data hidden from other parties. On other hand, people using public-key encryption exchange their locking keys but not the unlocking keys.


Even though Encryption is so useful, people are still encountering myths about it. Here are some of the popular myths about Encryption:

  • Encryption is complicated and asks for too many resources: It is just a myth! In reality, data encryption is very simple to use. All you have to do is to recognize the type of data you require to encrypt and who must have the access to it.
  • Only necessary data must be encrypted: It is not so! Every sensitive data must be encrypted whether it is mandatory or not.
  • Encryption ruins the database and application performance: This is completed opposite of the reality. In actual, the encryption techniques have minimal effect on the performance. It just focuses on protecting the critical data running through the systems.
  • Encryption does not secure the cloud data secure: Encrypted data when stored in the cloud is more secure than non-encrypted data in the cloud. Mostly, the people using cloud have no idea where the data is kept and who all can access it. In such cases, encryption helps in data security.
  • Encrypting data is more vital than key management: Mostly people concentrates more on encrypting data while ignoring the keys completely. To maintain the data security, do not keep both encrypted data and encryption keys together. Pay full attention to keys as well, not just to the data.

Encryption is a significant and crucial technique when talking about Database protection. So, don’t go after any myths like the few mentioned above. Use it wisely and get your data protected!

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