Disguising Your Sensitive Data: Data Masking

It’s strange some organizations still don’t have their data masked. Their sensitive data is all over the Internet. It is a well-served delicious dish for any hacker. Don’t complain when they eat it all till the last bite. Your company’s confidential data is as important as the vital organs of your body.

Can you see any of the vital organs outside your body? Consider your organization as a human body. I am going to use this as an analogy.

The nervous system, respiratory system, skeleton, digestive system all are workstations of the human body. These are all sub-divisions of the food factory in your body, but are these visible to other human beings (the other organizations, in this analogy)? All these systems are well assembled but covered with a protective layer called Skin. We don’t have the skin inside as we have on the outside and vice versa. The food, blood, bones, and nerves are masked by the skin we see. Why so? Because, we don’t want anybody to see what’s inside us. It’s not a pleasant sight for anyone except doctors. Even they see it for the sake of their profession.

Doctors in the IT sector are the data security guys. And your company’s sensitive information, client’s confidential data, and your future prospects on the paper are the food and vital organs of your organizations. The corrupt doctors who pull out kidneys, livers, without patients’ permission and trade them illegally are the hackers for any organizations. Unlike the human body and such doctors, you, as the head of your organization have the power of not exposing such vital organs/information to any such hacker in any form. How to get that power? By masking your data and disguising it with something that looks similar to authentic data, but is fake, useless pieces of numbers and texts. Only you know the mask of fake numbers and texts you have put on your original numbers and texts has no such potential information you should be worried. The hacker on the other side is totally unaware of it. For him, he hit the jackpot. Let him play with it with false pride!

But, such breaches alert you for tightening up your database security to avoid such attacks in future.

Why do people go for Data Masking when they have other security options?

Firewall protections are undoubtedly good. Data Masking takes the security a step further. In firewall protection, the hackers get to know that some information in inaccessible. They will know you have put layers of locks to secure the data. But, in data masking they will have the false idea of accessing the valuable data. So even if you have database firewall protection deployed to your data, mask your data too. Create an illusion of original data for the hackers.


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