Difference between Antivirus and Database Firewall!

Antivirus Firewall Software is a need of every database, and it is always better to get one as it is going to help in the long run. An anti-virus is something that protects the computers and laptops or any database from Trojans and viruses that can enter the database and destroy all the important files that you have stored. It is always better to get an anti-virus when you buy your computer or laptop as then you have protection, and also the companies give it as a complimentary thing with the whole computer or laptop.

Database Firewalls and anti-viruses are two different components providing different services. The firewalls are installed in the software, but they perform different functions. Every time you buy an anti virus make sure it has a firewall or else it is just waste of purchasing the software. These days every anti-virus has a Database Firewall. There are some companies that have after sale services as well where in case your database has gone corrupt they will send an engineer to repair your computer and also provide you with a new anti-virus. This service is not available in all companies, and also it is not a long life service.


When a computer is attached to the internet, it is also connected to other databases that are sharing information with your computer. This could be quite dangerous as there are hackers that entire others computers and mess them up. The firewall is like a watchdog and does not allow any other computer to enter, and destruct or insert any form of the virus. This is a way to block viruses and Trojans from entering the computer or laptop.

Anti viruses are also very similar they find viruses that have entered the database and destroy them. They are not the so called watch dogs but are the ones that solve a good amount of work as some viruses enter even if the firewall is installed, but some of the viruses get to penetrate, and they are then destroyed but the anti-virus. This is the reason it is essential to have the anti-virus and firewall or else it will be dysfunctional and cause a lot of troubles. It is always better to do research before getting one.


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