Accelerate Your Business with Proper Database Security

The database is the key to the success of E-business. If your database is secure, your company is safe. If not, it’s hard to stand in this competitive world for long.

A Database holds a large amount of information about your products, customers, sales and much more. Through the database, you can easily store, manipulate and retrieve this data. You can also let your customers look for some information to enhance the efficiency of your e-business operations. Database protection means a lot regarding your reputation in the market since this can be used as a hot commodity by hackers and rivals to destroy you.

Here’s a list of some threats you might face:

  • Excessive privileges: If you grant privileges to your employee or customer above their requirements, you are indirectly giving them access to destroy your business. Do not let them abuse these privileges. Limit the rights as per their job function and keep updating their privileges as per their role. Better to give full access only to topmost trust able employees.
  • Database injection attacks: In this case, an attacker tries to get access to the database by injecting different inputs into the input boxes. This includes two major types of database injection attack- SQL injection and NoSQL injection attacks. SQL injection attacks target traditional database system while NoSQL injection attacks target “big data” platforms. In both types, a successful input injection means unrestricted access to the entire database.
  • Malware: A malware might be injected by authorized users into your database through any infected device so as to steal sensitive data.
  • Storage backup media: Most of the time it happens that the backup storage media in unprotected from attacks. So, hackers use these database backup disks and tapes for database theft. Take appropriate measures to protect backup copies of data and monitor the practices of your most highly privileged users.

You cannot put an exact price tag on the database, but it is extremely valuable asset. Take database security into concern so as to accelerate your business. Little negligence can make you pay more than expected.

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