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Various Situations in which You can use Oracle Database Firewall!

Oracle Firewall is a real-time database firewall solution for all. Unlike traditional SQL firewall, it delivers smart database firewall security, enabling policies to be set and used easily and efficiently. It is independent of the database configuration and operation. Due to this reason, it helps in reducing the risk of data loss and managing the ever coming changes in regulations.


It offers black list, white list and exception list policies, intelligent and accurate alerts as well as monitoring with minimal management and administrative costs. A firm can deploy firewall as a database policy enforcement system to safeguard its database assets …

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DAM & its Uses

Database Security tools are necessary to provide complete protection to the database. It serves with facilities beyond the security features that come with the product. Data Security tools provide different analysis and auditing tools along with high-end data.



Database Activity Monitoring is an essential part of security tools to protect your database. It is a renowned technology to safeguard your data. As depicted by its name, DAM is to monitor all the activities on the database and serve with notifications and reports regarding the database activities. The type of report and notification alert you get depends on the product …

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Tips to Keep Your Database Secure

In the present competitive world, the hackers are keener to steal the secret information of a company and sell it in the market to earn money. You might not have imagined in what all ways your data can be hacked and disclosed in front of others. In such situation, you have to focus both on coming up with new ideas as well as securing your present data so as to remain in the market. Here are some of the ways to keep your data safe:


  • Maintain the database at a different place from the Web Server: We usually keep
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Logical and Physical Data Security

Protecting stored information inculpates thwarting unauthorized users from accessing it and also averting unintentional or intentional damage, infection or sleaze of data. Whereas data encryption is a popular subject, it is only one of several methods and expertise that can be utilized to execute a tiered data-security approach. Steps to protect information entail understanding consistent threats, aligning suitable security layers and continuous scrutiny of activity logs taking action as required.


Execute a tiered data security and protection model together with different perimeter rings of security to offset consistent security threats. Multiple layered securities can segregate and guard information must one …

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SQL Injection and its Impact

SQL injection is known as an injection attack wherein an intruder can execute malicious SQL statements that control a web application’s database server (also commonly referred to as a Relational Database Management System – RDBMS). Since an SQL injection vulnerability could affect any website or web application that makes use of an SQL-based database, the vulnerability is one of the oldest, most widespread and most critical of web application vulnerabilities.

By leveraging SQL injection susceptibility, given the right conditions, an attacker can use it to neglect a web application’s certification and authorization mechanisms and recover the contents of an entire …

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Ways to Prevent Data Breaches

The terms security breach and data breach are used reciprocally to describe a security breach in which sensitive, protected or confidential data is copied, transmitted, viewed, taken or used by an individual unauthorized to do so.

Data breaches have become a status quo considering how attackers keep finding paths to penetrate networks and steal confidential information. The security industry has seen not just aimed attacks at these organizations but also there is this theme around the nation-state-sponsored hackers because they are generally resourced the best, and their collective motivations run across the spectrum. While the security breach attack on one …

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Importance of Data Security

Protection of data is called data security. Most of the data of an organization saved inside the computer are crucial. The data can be lost or damaged due to various reasons. It can be deleted or destroyed accidentally or intentionally.

Data is more worthy than the computer software and hardware. In the case of failure of hardware, it can be restored. Similarly, in the event of failure of software, it can be re-installed. But in a case of data loss, it’s hard to improve in time. Fundamental arrangements, therefore, must be taken to ensure the security of data. The company …

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Rationale behind Installing a Firewall

If you have some highly private data at your disposal, you should know that it is an important duty to protect it from exposure.

If you still think that you don’t need a database firewall, give it another thought. Most likely there is someone curious to know your company’s sensitive information to misuse it.

Reasons you should know how/why your databases can be hacked:

  • Your opponents want to ruin your business.
  • Strangers are going to steal your data to sell it on the black market or blackmail you.
  • Several hackers violate databases just for fun.

Database firewalls will make you …

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All about Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) is a vital part of your compliance and safety profile, but to be efficient at securing your database, you need to understand its basics.

What is Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)?

Database Activity Monitoring is a reasonably established technology, existing over a decade. DAM monitors all activity on the database and gives alerts and reports on that activity. Every time an admin logs into the database, every activity is registered. In fact, if the admin does not log-in, that too is recorded, so you can recognize people with permissions who aren’t using them. Depending on the product …

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Recent SQL Injection Trends

SQL injection attacks, in which malevolent SQL statements are injected into an entry field for implementation, are the most widespread attack vectors around the world. SQL injections take advantage of data security susceptibilities in an application’s software and can be employed to attack any SQL database.

In the recent years, Check Point has created several adjusted SQL injection protections for our IPS software blade. By evaluating the traffic that activated these safeguards in networks supervised by Check Point’s Managed Security Service, we can see the recent trends and outlines in SQL injection attacks.

SQL injection in the course of advertisements

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