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Knowing About Database Firewalls


Most of the functioning of any business rely on its database. What if its database is vulnerable? What to do if your information is insecure and easily hacked by cyber criminals? The answer to such questions is Firewall.

What is Firewall?

A firewall is a software or hardware for controlling the exposure of the services to the network, i.e., managing the access to each port except those requiring public access.

When we talk about a typical server, several services run by default. These services can be divided into the following groups:

  • Public services: These services are accessible by all on
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Detecting Threats to Database

Every day, hackers unleash attacks designed to abduct confidential information, and database servers of an organization are often the prime targets of these attacks. Databases are one of the most compromised assets. The reason behind databases being frequently targeted is quite simple—they store all the customer records and other confidential business data. You can say that they are at the heart of any organization. When hackers and malicious insiders gain access to sensitive data, they can quickly extract value, inflict damage or impact business operations.

The threats identified over the last several years are the same that continue to plague …

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Tips to Protect the Database Security!

The security of your company and personal details is as powerful as its weakest point. Hackers have proved that the Web security is always the most critical yet neglected issue. The database is the most targeted part of an organization since it includes the sensitive data. Hence, database security is as essential as guarding the website or application.

Hackers attack the database in various ways. On one hand, the external attacks are caused by skilled external hackers using the weaknesses of the database security, while, on another hand, the internal attacks are produced by the disgruntled employees who misuse their …

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Protecting Your Confidential Database from Malicious Cyber Attack!

Databases are main objects for hackers due to the often beneficial nature of sensitive information locked away inside. Whether the data is financial or holds rational property and corporate secrets, it can face cyber attacks and hackers worldwide can profit from violating a businesses’ servers and ravaging databases.

Database security concerns the use of a huge range of information security controls to safeguard databases against compromises of their confidentiality, honesty, and availability. It involves various types or categories of controls, such as procedural/administrative, technical, and physical. Database security is a professional topic within the broader dimension of information security, computer …

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Key Facets of Database Security!

Database security basically can be characterized as a framework or procedure by which the “Secrecy, Integrity, and Availability of the database can be ensured. Unapproved passage or access to a database server means loose of secrecy, unapproved adjustment to the accessible information implies loss of trustworthiness and absence of access to database administrations connotes loss of accessibility. Loss of one or a more amount of these essential features will significantly affect the security of the database.

For a representation of this idea, envision that the site of an organization contains data like “who are they, their main event, and what …

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Top Ten Database Security Threats!

The reason databases are targeted so often is quite simple—they are at the heart of any organization, storing customer records and other confidential business data. It is necessary to secure your data from various database threats.

When hackers and malicious insiders gain access to sensitive data, they can quickly extract value, inflict damage or impact business operations. In addition to financial loss or reputation damage, breaches can result in regulatory violations, fines and legal fees

Top Ten Database Security Threats

  • 5Excessive and Unused Privileges: When someone is granted database privileges that exceed the requirements of their job function, these privileges
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