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Unavoidable Tips to Protect Your Data from SQL Injection Attacks!

Security is the most important characteristic of any system. In fact, providing secure experience is one of the main goals of promoting your business and gaining more influence among customers.
Though the majority of the sensitive data is stored in databases, least efforts are made in concern with Database security. SQL Injection attacks are getting successful just because we focus negligible on the database security.

What is SQL injection?
An SQL injection attack is nothing but a form of attack on the security of the database where it tries to run malicious code on the database so as to steal …

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Difference between Antivirus and Database Firewall!

Antivirus Firewall Software is a need of every database, and it is always better to get one as it is going to help in the long run. An anti-virus is something that protects the computers and laptops or any database from Trojans and viruses that can enter the database and destroy all the important files that you have stored. It is always better to get an anti-virus when you buy your computer or laptop as then you have protection, and also the companies give it as a complimentary thing with the whole computer or laptop.

Database Firewalls and anti-viruses are …

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