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Top 3 Cyber Attacks that may Burn your Database Security!

Cyber Attacks and cyber security are the words those can make you stressed till you get a way to the hospital! LOL, isn’t it weird to just get your system hacked in front of your surveillance with a blink of an eye and you regret your whole life for the same. It is not a rare thing nowadays to be a victim of cyber-attacks nowadays, as cyber-attacks are increasing their potential reach to the next dark hole. The need of prevention and protection is a need of time in corporate networks, and that cannot be overemphasized. You know, Database are …

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Disguising Your Sensitive Data: Data Masking

It’s strange some organizations still don’t have their data masked. Their sensitive data is all over the Internet. It is a well-served delicious dish for any hacker. Don’t complain when they eat it all till the last bite. Your company’s confidential data is as important as the vital organs of your body.

Can you see any of the vital organs outside your body? Consider your organization as a human body. I am going to use this as an analogy.

The nervous system, respiratory system, skeleton, digestive system all are workstations of the human body. These are all sub-divisions of the …

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Specifics of Different Firewall Types

A firewall is a protective barrier between networks and security features. Firewalls are the streamlines of the codes positioned between the safe and unsafe networks, trustworthy and untrustworthy requests. For instance: While downloading a file online, a malicious content may also get downloaded with it (If you don’t have the firewall). Firewall differentiates the safe request (File you downloaded) and the unsafe requests (Malicious Content). This was about external differentiation. Firewalls are also deployed to differentiate the trustworthy access and untrustworthy access within the system because every department has its own confidential data that due to some reasons kept hidden …

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